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“Anti-Terrorism” bullet on “Acharya” and “Virata Parvam” movies

Chiranjeevi, who is busy in politics, is known to make less films but Acharya, who is ready for release after completion of shooting, is in confuse whether it will be released or not. Not only Acharya but also Virata parvam played by the villain Bahubali is in a similar situation.

Going into details:

Mega star “Chiranjeevi” and Tollywood hulk “Rana Daggupati” starrer “Acharya”, and “Virata Parvam” are under threat. The latest incident in Chhattisgarh is well known. Twenty-three CRPFs were killed in the Naxalite firing in the incident. We also saw the government responding to the incident with a warning.
So you may be wondering what this movie has to do with this incident, it is a well known fact that in these two movies Megastar, Mega Star’s son and Rana played three Naxalite roles. The roles they played in the teaser posters of the latest movies are clear.

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Chiranjeevi 152nd Acharya Director “Koratala Shiva” Music Composer “Mani Sharma” Coming in this combination as “Ram Charan” “Sidda”, “Pooja Hegde” those are acting. On the other hand “Rana” in Virata Parvam, “Sai Pallavi “Priyamani”, “Nandita Das”, “Naveen Chandra” starred.
Virataparvam is directing the movie “Udugula Venu”. So Acharya 14 May 2021, Virat Parvam 30 April 2021 are ready to be released one after the other.
The tangle came here at all,
Representatives of the Anti-Terrorism Forum “have made it clear that they will stop filming scenes promoting Naxalite characters in upcoming films.”
“Osey Ramulamma”, “yerra mallelu” and “yerra sainyam” movies have been good blockbusters in the past. The anti-terrorism spokespersons, such as Narayana Murthy, Rangarao and Dasari, who formed them, said that even if they seemed appropriate at the time, they would be totally opposed to the current situation, as opposed to anti-terrorism, citing a recent incident.
Acharya and Virataparva, who were to be released, were also told by the censors to highlight the Maoists in their story and change or remove them if possible.
It is yet to be known whether these films are ready for release or whether they will be released on the scheduled dates.
Highly anticipated fans should see what news the audience hears.