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Srikanth (Naveen Polishetty) requirements to flee to the city so he gets a fresh start. He’s a specialist at helping the ladies of their town with ideal aides to their sarees yet should be known for more than that.

His father (Tanikella Bharani) of course needs him to stay back and run the ladies retail location they own. Sekhar (Priyadarshi) was bound to the sound of a cooker whistle and is focused on everything to do with rice.

Ravi (Rahul Ramakrishna) is a lush in state of ceaseless fiasco. The city helps them with meeting Chitti (Faria Abdullah), a rich kid who capitulates to Srikanth and has her own special forlorn backstory.

However, destiny moreover obtains them the method of Sports Minister Chanakya (Murli Sharma), who’s reliably arranging some underhandedness dark. Right when the trio are illustrated for a bad behavior they didn’t do, all ‘damnation and heaven’ relaxes up.

Despite different of characters and a ton happening on-screen, Jathi Ratnalu doesn’t have a ton to describe with respect to story. Srikanth and his friends are a touch more adroit when they return back to Jogipet, it’s even suggested that they may scramble toward Dubai next, yet there’s almost no to the extent portraying that keeps you contributed.

Sure there’s the matter of what embroiling video Chanakya is endeavoring to cover, there’s also the matter of a close by electric association headed by Subhash K Chandra (Subhalekha Sudhakar) that is implanted into the story, anyway that isn’t what drives you to persevere through over two hours of this film.

What keeps you attracted are most of the jokes that move in a consistent movement with no an ideal chance to breathe in, so much that it almost feels like Anudeep needs to exhaust all of the jokes he needs to tell in one film.

Naveen routs the bundle with respect to these, while Priyadarshi and Rahul come a close by second. Vennela Kishore and Brahmanandam show up, while Keerthy Suresh and Vijay Deverakonda advance their assistance.

Regardless, there comes a point where the jokes do get dreary, especially when they bank simply on Srikanth’s wrecked English or Sekhar’s veneration for rice. Regardless, that signal to Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya and Tollywood court performances during the pinnacle of the film is a hoot.

“Silly nitwits are endeavoring to resist the standards and fighting these law breakers,” go the stanzas of a tune that plays in the film. Furthermore, that joke is adequate to depict the film best. Jathi Rathnalu is a mishmash, anyway obviously, asale life oka zindagi aipoindi, so go watch it for the parody and the displays.