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PAWAN KALYAN’S “VAKEEL SAAB” movie Pre-Release Event

Many fans will be happy if anything related to the movie happens in the presence of the fans. Pawan Kalyan always do the same thing. That’s why, he had a huge fan following in south india.


Fans are waiting for the Vakeel saab movie starring Pawan Kalyan as the hero. Pawan Kalyan has been a bit away from movies since he went into politics. Now that it is a film being made after three years, the expectations are also on a huge scale.

The film is being made as a remake of the Pink movie starring Amitabh Bachchan and Tapsi in Bollywood.

Producer Dil Raju has always been looking forward to do a project  with Pawan Kalyan. But it has been going on for so many days. The vakeel  Saab movie pre-release function was also held as well.

The event was graced by suma kanakala. Very few were allowed due to the corona. Pawan Kalyan participated in this event.

Also Anjali who acted in this movie came. Speaking on the occasion, Pawan Kalyan said, “I was talking about a 3 year old girl and her adventure in a “MAGUVA MAGUVA” song in a movie.

He then called the girl on stage and talked about her adventure. As she was getting on the bus, it stopped on the railway tracks, saying that there were two children in it, and she tried to save them by trying to save them. Meanwhile the train arrived and knocked her down. But, by the grace of God she herself lived. So she was admired and honored.

He later said that the movie “Vakeelsaab” will be released on April 6. Then Anjali and Bandla Ganesh spoke. They said that the movie is very good and asked the fans to watch it. Pawan Kalyan’s fans are waiting for the movie.