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Power star pawan kalyan’s vakeel saabh movie review

Among the big hero movies after the lockdown, the “Vakeel Saab” movie made not only “Power Star” fans but also the general public wait. The movie is a lady related story which is a musical hit with the song “Maguva Maguva”. The movie has been released all over the world today .Even though the Bollywood movie is dubbing Pink, the Telugu

people are waiting for this movie.vakeel saab trailer
Come on in Story:
Pallavi, Zarina, Ananya, played by Newta Thomas, Anjali, and Ananya. The three are friends working in Hyderabad and come from a middle class family. The director shows how “Vakil Saab” (Satya Dev) changed the way the three of them got out of a case.
In the story these three girls accidentally go to a resort with enemies one night. Unexpected events that took place there were the reason for being stuck in the case. Satya Dev wins the face of Prakash Raj, who plays the role of Nanda, who stands by the Power Star girls as a companion to confront the upper class enemies in the society. You have to see how Sriram Venu portrayed this story on the silver screen.
Power Star Patra is ready to go as far as the director fights for justice. The director created the film by adding scattered court scenes. Pawan Kalyan and Prakash Raj are the ones who make us happy with their roles. It is noteworthy that Nevatha Thomas Kula acted in a way that suited his character.
“Vakilsab” shows another kind of ending to the love story in the flashback. Shruti Haasan played the guest role very beautifully with her acting. But the story seems to be a bit stretched but it is good to impress the fans. The court scenes in the story are also paired with tear-jerking scenes that stretch a bit. “Agnostic”
It has to be said that this movie has given a lot of kick to the fans.
Audiences throughout the film were of the opinion that it would be better to cut some scenes in the Power Star love story.
Movie Details:
Main characters:
Pawan Kalyan, Prakash Raj, Nevatha Thomas, Anjali, Ananya, Shruti Haasan and others.
Director: Shri Ram Venu
Producer: Dil Raj Shirish
Music: Thaman
Editor: Praveen Pudi